Using a locally-sourced high quality grass-fed cow milk, we handcraft only the most nutritious and delicious Greek yogurt. We offer the following:

Traditional Unstrained Greek yogurt

traditional greek yogurt

Our signature offering: Cream top yogurt inspired by the yogurt of small villages in Greece. The liquid whey remains, making the mouthfeel much lighter and sweeter than one finds in the strained. 

Strained Greek Yogurt


The familiar Greek yogurt: smooth and creamy. The cream top and much of the liquid whey is removed during the straining process, giving the final product a thicker and heavier body. 


Our milk comes from Back to the Future Farms in Middletown, NY. The farm has around 70 brown jersey cows, all lovingly treated with the highest care by their owner, Rose Hubbert. These grass fed cows produce milk with a remarkably high nutrient content, due both to their diet and their breed. The couple also pasteurize and sell their milk under the name Old Mother Hubbert. Their stand can be found at the Union Square Greenmarket (as well as other New York City Greenmarkets), hosting a refreshingly simple selection of freshly pasteurized milk (usually pasteurized the night before, and never more than two days old), chocolate milk, eggs, and chickens. Rose delivers us our fresh milk three times a week, which in turn translates to the equally fresh grass fed yogurt and butter made in our production facility every few days.


We are passionate about nutrition, tradition, and authenticity. Our mission is simple:

To offer the highest quality Greek products and authentic traditional Greek yogurt.

Greecologies is founded on past generations of commitment, quality and tradition. Our passion stems from small farm practices that are favorable to the environment, your palate and health.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the Greek islands provide us with the world’s most flavorful ingredients. Our products are made in environments free of industrialized farming practices in order to deliver traditional Greek flavors alongside matchless nutritional value. We have traveled all across Greece in search of these “Gifts of Nature’’ and uphold the strictest selection and distribution guidelines so that your family can enjoy the authentic tradition from the comforts of your own kitchen table.


Our yogurt is made in small batches every few days by a trained specialist. The recipes are reinvented from ancient Greek processing methods, combining the best of traditional approaches with modern innovation. Visit our location in Soho, NY to view our yogurt lab and observe our processes in person.

Our signature offering. There is no straining in the making of this yogurt, meaning that a layer of cream remains on top and no liquid whey is removed. The body of the yogurt is lighter than the body of strained yogurts, giving it a pleasantly delicate mouthfeel. The presence of a higher amount of liquid whey also makes the yogurt slightly sweeter.